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Define Your Objectives

The following questions are the kind that any architect or builder is going to ask when designing your house. Think how you would answer these questions.

  • what room is most important to you and your family?

  • do you have children? what are their ages? will your children's needs change as they grow older?

  • will your home be a focal point for neighborhood children or teen-age parties?

  • do you entertain regularly? what kind of entertainment, formal or informal?

  • do you provide care or soon-to-provide care for an elderly parent or other in your home?

  • do you frequently entertain guests overnight? do you require a guest bathroom?

  • do you need a home office or work area that is separate from the rest of the house? what kind of equipment will you need? what kind of work do you do?

  • do you need a room for sewing, crafts, exercise, etc.? what are your hobbies?

  • do you need a separate, formal living room?

  • do you need any extra or special storage capacity?

  • do you need an attached garage?

  • how many cars do you have?

  • do you have any recreational vehicles?

  • do you need storage capacity in your garage?

  • do you need a basement? what kind, cellar type of day walk-out?

  • are you a private person? do you require a place to escape?
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