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Home Buyers Information Center at The Jones Company Real Estate LLC in Columbia, MO

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Advantages of Buying | Home Finance 101 | Preparing to Shop | Your Real Estate Team | Making an Offer | Getting a Mortgage | Inspections | Insurance | Closing the Deal | After You Buy

Buying Your Home

  • Advantages of Buying
    Owning versus Renting, Renting and Inflation, Wealth and Equity

  • Home Finance 101
    What you Can Afford/Pre-Approval, Down Payment, Closing Costs, Insurance, PMI, Property Taxes, Tax Benefits: Ownership, Tax Benefits: Selling, Maintenance Costs

  • Preparing to Shop
    Getting Pre-Approved, Financing Options, Home Search, Good Neighborhoods, Evaluating Neighborhoods, Pre-Owned, New Homes, Condos

  • Your Real Estate Team
    The Team and the Players, The Perfect Agent, Understanding Agency, Selecting an Agent, Your Agent and You, Who is the Broker, Other Key Advisors

  • Making an Offer
    Negotiating, Transaction Process and Buyer Strategies, Making an Offer to Purchase, Getting a Counter Offer, Negotiating Credits, Major Corrective Work

  • Getting a Mortgage
    Mortgage 101, Fixed or Adjustable, Fixed Rate, Adjustable Rate (ARM), 15 or 30 Yr, Points, Fees, Locating a Lender, Good Lenders, Prequalify/Preapproval

  • Inspections and Insurance
    Understanding Inspection, Why Properties Should be Inspected, Types of Inspections, Optimizing Inspections

  • Insurance
    Homeowner's Insurance, Title Insurance, Concerns With Title

  • Closing the Deal
    Final Closing Statement, Closing Day, Move in After a Seller Rent-back, Final Verification of Condition

  • After You Buy
    Reassemble Your Finances, Moving and Services, Moving with Family, Tax Assessments, Refinancing, Keep Receipts for Improvements
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