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Reasons to Sell | Getting Financially Organized | Preparing to Sell | Your Real Estate Team | Listing Contracts and Commissions | Marketing Your Home | Negotiating | Closing the Deal | After You Sell

Selling Your Home

  • Reasons to Sell
    Reasons to Sell, Selling in a Strong Market, Selling in a Slow Market

  • Getting Financially Organized
    Trading Up, Downsizing, Downsizing versus Renting

  • Preparing to Sell
    Timing Your Sale, Handling Presale Preparation, Key Exterior Improvements, Key Interior Improvements, Pre-Marketing Property Inspections, Staging a House

  • Your Real Estate Team
    The Team and the Players, The Perfect Listing Agent, Understanding Agency, Selecting an Agent, Who is the Broker, Other Key Advisors

  • Listing Contracts and Commissions
    Listing Contract Basics, Exclusive Listings, Key Parts of Exclusive Listings, Commission Basics, Seller Disclosure Statements

  • Marketing Your Home
    Maximizing Your Chances, Pricing Incentives, Right Price, Advertising That Works, Strategies, Open Houses, Preparing Your Home, Financing, Appraiser's Inspection

  • Negotiating
    Basics of Negotiating, Multiple Offers, Contingencies, Selecting the Best Offer, Making a Counter Offer, Lowball Offers, Backup Offers, Corrective Work, Lease Options

  • Closing the Deal
    Estimated Closing Statement, Avoiding the Curse of December Closing, Final Closing Statement, Closing Day, Move In After a Seller Rent-Back, Final Verification of Condition

  • After You Sell
    Taxes and Profits, Required Tax Filings, Post-transaction, Moving and Services, Moving with Family
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