About Us

The Jones Company Real Estate, LLC - Brent & Pat Jones

We're Brent and Pat Jones, the founders/owners of The Jones Company Real Estate, LLC.  We've been in the business of renting residential and commercial properties that we own for over 30 years.  Specializing in single family homes perfect for young professionals, familes and retirees, we take pride in all the homes we own and in our unparalleled consistent personal service plus the countless relationships we have formed with our exceptional tenants over the years.

We started in the early 1980's with one property, and it was a part-time endeavor for us to take care of that rental home while we both had other full-time careers and were also busy raising our two sons.  Brent grew up on a farm just outside of Lincoln, Nebraska, to become a world-renowned professor of veterinary medicine serving first on the faculty at Auburn University and then at the University of Missouri for many years, where he specialized in small animal gastroenterology and endoscopy, authored numerous articles, edited textbooks, and was keynote speaker at many national and international veterinary association meetings.  Pat grew up in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and moved to Columbia in the mid-70's to take ownership of a free-lance court-reporting business serving attorneys throughout the mid-Missouri area.  

Along the way, we added more rental homes to our investment portfolio and realized how much we enjoyed working together on our rental properties as a common goal, so we decided to both obtain our Real Estate Salesperson's Licenses.  Later on, we each enrolled for extra training in order to obtain our Real Estate Broker's Licenses.  We're both strong believers in education and, as such, we wanted to ensure that we were always providing the best service possible for not only our own personal tenants, but also for our growing real estate sales business helping clients buy and sell their own personal homes and other types of properties.  

From the start we were fortunate, and I must say humbled, to have our hard work recognized by not only meeting the goals of our buyer-seller clients and personal tenants' needs, but also our industry peers' presentation of numerous awards we received.  Brent also enjoyed serving in several leadership positions within the Columbia Board of Realtors, culminating in his nomination and service as the President of the Columbia Board of Realtors.  

During all this time, as we continued to acquire properties for our own personal investment portfolio, our goal was to someday devote all our focus on a full-time basis to exclusively managing and caring for our personal rental properties.  We are pleased to say that we achieved this goal several years ago, and since then have devoted our full-time attention to solely focusing on exclusively caring for our own personal rental properties.  Though we've been asked several times to manage rental properties for others, or to help others purchase or sell their own properties, we've chosen to limit our business exclusively to the care of only rental properties that either we personally own or a member of our immediate family owns.  

We're always happy to refer the buying and selling customers that contact us to an agent we know who can best serve their needs.  Over the years we've been very fortunate and blessed to work with many wonderful tenants ranging from recent college graduates and families to Deans of colleges, CEO's of companies, and numerous retirees.  Please note, though, that we do not rent to undergraduate students nor more than two unrelated tenants. 

For over 30 years we've taken a lot of pride in our rental properties, always striving to make sure they are maintained in outstanding condition and in keeping with current decor trends.  First and foremost, we always make sure our tenants' communications are replied to promptly and their maintenance needs are scheduled ASAP, as well as attending to the many additional aspects of the landlord-tenant business.  We're happily looking forward to continuing this level of service for many years to come.  Thank you for taking the time to read about us and please let us know if one of our rental homes here in Columbia, Missouri, might suit your needs.  We are happy to help you with any questions you may have about our properties and arrange to schedule a showing appointment at your convenience.